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What to know about your pool pump if it's leaking?

Jun 14

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How to know if your pool pump is leaking?

Having a swimming pool means you can save money from going to an expensive resort just to dive in and have fun. It can also keep you from sending your young kids into their swimming lessons or to the gym. Yes, to the gym because swimming is an excellent form of exercise. It is known to promote good cardiovascular health, make you flexible, gains muscles, and to some, lose weight.

But just like everything, it needs proper maintenance to avoid having major issues in the future. That is why it is necessary to have a leak inspection by the company that offers that specific service to ensure that your pool is in good condition for everyone’s safety.

One of the severe pool problems that every owner is scared about is a leaking pool pump because it is an expensive piece of equipment necessary for the swimming pool work. But we shouldn’t worry about that because we have leak detector companies that can help us resolve that in time.

  • Suction Side Pool Pump Leaks - If you think there is a leak in this area, you need to check if there are air bubbles in the pump strainer basket. If it is not resolved, check the water level and the other parts like the pump strainer lid for any cracks to replace. You need to check any cracked PVC and valves, too, you need to pour water, and if there are bubbles, you need t to replace them. And replace the o-ring if there is a problem with the strainer basket plug.
  • Discharge Side Pool Pump Leaks - Others call it the pressure side where the water is sucked back into the pool. We can easily notice it if there is dripping water in the pipe fitting, any puddle of water in the pump, or the water level of the pool decreases.
  • Shaft Seal - This is the one that protects the motor from getting soaked in water; without it, water will run to the motor and causes failure. If there is no problem with both suction and discharge sides, then that means you need to replace the shaft seal.