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How To Find Underground Pool Leaks?

Jun 7

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How to determine the underground leaks of the pool?

Not all people have the privilege to enjoy swimming in the comfort of their own property. Some people pay for an expensive resort to enjoy that moment with their family. They are willing to pay that kind of amount not just for leisure purposes but also because of the fact that it is an excellent form of exercise. Swimming can increase our flexibility, make our cardiovascular health, lose weight, and helps us gain muscles.

But being the owner, we need to check for leak detection to avoid a major problem that could cause more expense. One way to prevent that is to have proper maintenance with a trusted pool leak detection company that can help you with that.

Some of the ways to find out if there is a swimming pool leak:

  • Check the pool equipment - Check the pump, pipe valves, filter, and other pool parts. Walk around the pool and try to check the soil for any moisture or wetness. They are the obvious common problems that can be easily determined.
  • Double-checking technique - One of the easy techniques is to have a bucket, fill it with water, and place it on the pool stairs. Let the water be level both in the bucket and in the pool. Put water markings on the bucket and in the pool. And then check the difference after 24 hours.
  • Check for any cracks - Go dive in and check for any pool cracks. Visible or not, it still can be a cause of any water leaks.

If you still suspect any leaks but can not find them through those common techniques, it is time for you to let the expert do it for you to have peace of mind.

More people invest in having a private pool because it has a lot of benefits like, it saves money from going to some resort just to cool down and enjoy with family. It is a great fun way to have aqua therapy to stretch those muscles that were injured. And can relieve stress which promotes better sleep.